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Discount Glass is the preferred partner for general contractors and hotel ownership alike for hotel glass installation, hotel glass shower doors and all exterior hotel glass windows.

Discount Glass has built a strong reputation as a trusted hotel glass installer and partner for hotel construction, which is why general contractors and hotel ownership award us repeat contracts for their upcoming hotel projects throughout Florida. Discount Glass can handle any large commercial glass project in Florida, and we’d love to have an opportunity to become your partner for hotel glass installation.

When we say we understand your needs, we mean it. Hotel glass projects are incredibly complex, and we refuse to be a weak link. We have experience and financial resources to handle big commercial projects. We know all about Florida weather and preventing water intrusion. We have a huge selection of interior and exterior hotel glass, and we custom fabricate to your exact specifications. We’re extremely time efficient in our installs. And we know that hotel construction is a team project, so we pride ourselves in top-notch communication so you won’t waste time and energy following up for a status report. We even provide a recap every Friday to all parties involved, keeping everyone updated on our schedule and progress.


True Partnership

With a large scale hotel glass installation project, there’s far more to a successful partnership with hotel ownership, hotel ownership representatives, and general contractors than providing a great price and scheduling the labor. We start our relationship with earlier than most hotel glass installers, preferring to be in weekly all-trade meetings from the very beginning. We don’t send an entry-level worker to take notes, either. Will Bright, President of Discount Glass, personally attends these meetings to lend his expertise and to fully understand each stage of the project. Every hotel has a plan, but plans change along the way. By keeping ourselves involved well before hotel glass providers would typically need to be, we’re able to aid in the process, providing valuable insight about the impact various decisions will have on the glass installation of the project. This helps us catch costly mistakes before they’re made, or redirect decisions to the most cost-effective, efficient, high-quality, and attractive solutions. We often receive compliments from general contractors, ownership, and owner’s reps, crediting us for pushing other trades along when we see that they’re negatively impacting the construction timeline. Being an exceptional partner is one of the ways we earn repeat business in commercial construction and hotel glass projects.

We’re also great partners on the administration side of the glass business. We’re accustomed to handling different invoicing systems and administrative processes, so your unique systems are not likely to introduce any speed bumps to working together efficiently. We always carry proper licensing and insurance to ensure everyone is protected. And perhaps most importantly for large-scale projects, we have the financial liquidity to handle any size project, so you’ll never run the risk of having our glass techs disappear before finishing a job because there was no more money to pay them. We have open lines of credit with all vendors and are in good standing, so these large hotel projects are safe for Discount Glass and safe for the contractor.


Experienced Hotel Glass Installers

Discount Glass already has a number of successful hotel glass installation projects under its belt. We specifically hire glaziers with a vast amount of commercial and hotel window installation experience. Our techs have done hundreds of hotel installs, and have installed windows for well-known properties such as Disney, The Villages, Trump Towers, Fountain Blue, and Hard Rock Hotel. Discount Glass has recently completed installation projects with Holiday Inn and Renaissance Hotels, and will soon complete a Comfort Inn installation. We are also OSHA Trained & Certified for aerial lifts and other heavy machinery.

We have an experienced CAD designer on staff, allowing us to provide our own shop drawings, as well as an engineer to help ensure that window selections are up to Florida code and will meet or exceed any structural requirements.


Efficient Hotel Glass Installation

We have gone to great lengths to make an art form out of high-quality, efficient glass installation. We excel at staging glass installation, so when our hotel glass installers arrive on the job site, the frames and glass are ready-to-go. While every project varies, it’s not unusual for us to complete one floor a day, rather than competitors completing one floor every four or five days. Drying in a building is a major step because it allows many other trades to begin, so we understand the urgency. We push other trades along, including waterproofers, before and during the process so we ensure our project will be complete on time and on budget.


Fast Turnaround

When the purchasing agent submits a purchase order to us, we custom manufacture our storefront windows typically within 3-4 weeks. This saves time compared to premanufactured windows. Their name may imply that the windows are in stock and ready for quick delivery, but they actually take up to 10-15 weeks to premanufacture and deliver.

Custom Vs. Prefab Window Cost

When customers see the word “custom” it’s natural to think “more expensive.” That’s accurate in most industries, but with Discount Glass our custom manufactured storefront windows end up saving customers money with a superior product. How is that possible? As a volume dealer of residential and commercial glass, we’re able to provide competitive pricing for all projects, including custom manufactured hotel windows. Don’t let the word “custom” deter you from getting a superior product for less money.


Glass Windows For Hotels In Florida’s Climate

Make no mistake, building in Florida is tough. Buildings need to be able to withstand the relentless Florida heat, powerful rainstorms, and hurricane after hurricane. Making a mistake when installing exterior hotel glass windows can lead to water intrusion, which leads to a series of profit-destroying issues like mold, room closures, remediation costs, replacement of damaged items, and ultimately hotel glass repair for a job that should have been done right the first time. On top of that, bad reviews and word-of-mouth about mold can damage your hotel’s reputation and prevent future bookings even after the damage is repaired. We install windows that are meant to endure Florida’s harsh climate.


Additional Hotel Glass Installations

In addition to exterior hotel glass windows, we offer an entire glass package. We can outfit your lobby with beautiful glass windows, partitions, and mirrors. We will custom cut glass for furniture. We’re known for installing beautiful hotel glass shower doors and shower enclosures. We even can provide fire-rated cut-in windows for fire doors. We can deliver on any glass needs.


Jobsite Cleanup

Everyone in construction has seen it. When one subcontractor finishes its portion of the job, they move onto the next project without cleaning up. Soda cans, fast food wrappers, material scraps, and packaging material aren’t just unsightly, but they present a tripping hazard. Also, someone has to clean it up, which costs someone else time and money. Discount Glass mandates that its technicians clean up behind themselves, leaving no trash. We break down our shipping containers and dispose of them properly. We are often complimented for having impeccable job site cleanup. It’s one of the small ways that we’ve become known as a great partner in hotel construction and it’s important to us.


Auto Operational Doors

We love to save ownership time and money, so we manage the relationship with vendors that provide grocery-style automatic doors at no added cost. These doors are computer-driven and the vendors use a technical language in installs that can be difficult to understand. We have experience working with these vendors and we speak their language. We handle it all. Discount Glass does not mark up the vendor’s pricing or charge for our time, we simply provide it as a pass-through cost.

Contact us today to find out why we are the top hotel glass provider and the preferred hotel glass installer of general contractors and hotel ownership. We'll ensure your hotel glass installation goes smoothly from start to finish.