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Check out answers to the glass questions we hear the most from shower enclosures, to fogged windows, insurance and more.


Why do windows fog or have that cloudy look that I can’t clean?
There are multiple reasons why the seals on an insulated glass unit, aka "IG", can fail, causing fogged windows. In North Florida, there are a few key factors. Our super hot summer months can make the butyl/silicone/adhesive seal that holds the two panes of glass together very soft and in some instances almost back to liquid form.

The combination of super hot summer days, cold rain showers and those couple cold snaps we have in the winter months wreak havoc on older IGs and eventually produce small cracks, gaps, or spaces that allow humid air to invade the previously vacuumed CO2 that was originally placed in between the panes when it was first manufactured. About 15-20 years ago there was quite a building boom in North Florida and some of the homes were built using a lower end insulated unit that was cheaply made and simply, subpar. Over the years many "as seen on TV" style repairs or magic tricks have been created but simply never last to actually repair and seal the unit for good. Your best course of action is to replace just the glass panel. You do not need to replace the fill frame so do not let other glass companies tell you that. Technology has improved over the years and with the introduction of low thermal emissivity (Low-E) window panes, we can often increase the "R" value (energy efficiency rating) by simply swapping out the glass panes. In addition to advanced technology in window films, sometimes the large cost of full frame window replacements can be slashed by 75 percent.

Discount Glass always offers a 10-year seal failure warranty on all insulated windows (unless noted otherwise.) We use a double inner and outer seal technology that offers a very strong and reliable bond between the two panes and we hold all insulated panes into place with a dual bead system of Sika Acetoxy Silicone for a mold/mildew resistant adhesive.

Some of the reasons why an insulated window can become cloudy and foggy are:

  • Pressure washing close to the seals and the increased pressure per square inch (psi) puts too much strain and pressure on the area.
  • Cleaning the window to frames with a very strong solvent that eats away at the old butyl seals
  • High wind pressure "squeezes" the windows and retracts over and over and creates cracks
  • Dramatic increase or drop in air pressures due to Tropical Storms
  • Small breaks, chips or cracks in the glass can allow air to escape
  • Improperly installed units can have unequal amounts of pressure around the window creating bellies in the panes and eventually separation.

Call us today and we can help you affordably replace those fogged, cracked, broken or damaged insulated windows.

Shower Enclosures

Can you give me an estimate over the phone on my shower enclosure?
In a perfect world, we would love to. However, there are many details that all come together to build an estimate for your shower enclosure project. It is very difficult to give you an accurate estimate without being able to see all the details.

We know it takes a bit of time for the estimate process but we sincerely hope that our tenure, reviews, and contractor referrals speak for themselves. We can meet you in person to give you an affordable quote for the shower enclosure you desire.

How do I order a shower enclosure and what’s the timeframe?
This is probably one of the most brought up topics within the office at Discount Glass. We install over 350 shower enclosures a year. Our name could possibly be deceiving as it contains the word "Discount." Well, don't let that deter you from some of the absolutely stunning shower enclosure styles we offer. We price our enclosures based off of volume. Just check out our Google Reviews as well as Facebook pages for daily pics and raves.

The shower enclosure ordering process is very simple:

  1. Schedule an appointment with us the day the tile is to be finished. We MUST have all tile completed everywhere glass will touch so that we can collect accurate measurements. Remember, all of this glass is custom cut for you, for your shower and only to match your shower. Rarely do we ever encounter a true 90-degree vertical wall with no lean or bow in it. That's why we ask to make sure all caps, walls and thresholds are tiled before we come on site.
  2. After we schedule a time with you, an estimator will meet you in your home and go over shower enclosure design, styles, hardware options and colors, plus all details that equal a quality and thorough estimate. Many times you will have an estimate in your hand before we leave the location. In the event that we need to email or call shortly after, you will be given a rundown of the options and the installed price.
  3. Once the shower enclosure estimate is approved, we collect a standard 50 percent deposit. This is solely due to the fact that this glass is being cut, tempered and polished to your specific shower. The glass cannot be sold anywhere else most of the time. The manufacturing process generally takes approximately 8-10 business days.
  4. As soon as all hardware, glass, parts and quality control have been completed, we contact you to schedule an appointment quickly. We understand that we are often the last contractor on a job site and the final step so we try to expedite everything we can for you. Our technicians are generally two men teams and have a vast amount of experience and professionalism.
  5. Upon final installation, the technicians will go over any silicone drying times and all details needed. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have as we want you to enjoy your final finished, beautiful shower enclosure!

Other Glass Questions

Are you insured?
Of course! We carry ample amounts of liability, auto, garage keepers, workers comp and emergency insurance for any and all occasions. We are well prepared and work with many large companies.
Are you approved by RealPage Vendor Credentialing?
Yes, we are. RealPage Vendor Credentialing (formerly Compliance Depot) is a third party company that works with many multi-family developments that thoroughly audit vendors to ensure proper documentation, insurance and processes and procedures. It basically informs large companies that we are safe to do business with and we have all our ducks in a row.
Can you do custom cut glass for frames, shelves, or furniture?
Yes, we can handle any custom cut glass needs. Swing on by or give us a call and we can easily get that taken care of for you.
Do you offer same day glass replacement?
This is a very broad question we get often and it comes down to what has been damaged and are the parts readily accessible and able to be repaired. We strive to take care of the emergency commercial breakages as soon as possible for safety and security reasons.